Growing up I was NOT an attractive man.

I know what you’re thinking:

“Noooo… Darius, I’m sure you’re just not giving yourself enough credit. Surely you didn’t look that bad”

That’s a nice sentiment and I appreciate it but let me show you this:

This is a photo I took several years ago to illustrate how I would look if I stopped taking good care of my grooming and wore my old clothes. It was also part of the experiment to see how quickly I could get back to looking “normal”.

You know, something like this:

So imagine my awkward face when showed "the ugly" photo to a close friend of mind who has known me for years and literally said this

“Oh yeah, I remember you looking like this…”


Look, like every smart man on this green earth I never wanted to look like a freaking Neanderthal, I didn’t want to be ugly.

And it was both a crushing and sobering moment to realize that there was a time when this was the best I could do.

You see, back in the days when this “super sexy” look was my default I was reading a lot of forums and books on “how to get good with girls”.

Nearly every one of them said that “looks don’t matter” and “you just need to be confident” and “learn these 3 techniques”.

And you know what? I actually believed it.

Despite seeing first-hand how my attractive friends were hooking up with girls and getting into relationships with the hottest of them, I actually believed that as long as I take a shower and wear a clean t-shirt, I was good to go and the way I present myself past that point didn’t matter.

Two Outfits That Changed My Life Forever

When I finally got into college I got so desperate, so frustrated with not being able to get any results with women that I decided to do the unthinkable and defy the “looks don’t matter” gurus.

I decided that I will change my image, change the way I dress.

Because I knew nothing at the time about clothes, what items go well together, how clothes should fit or how I should wear colors in an outfit, I asked a friend who was studying fashion design to help me out and go shopping for clothes together.

She then explained how different clothes work together and helped me get two head-to-toes outfits.

I will admit, I was very skeptical at the time.

The outfits she got for me were very different from what I used to wear and I didn’t feel very comfortable in them at the start.

But hey, when you’re that desperate, you suck it up and do what you’re told.

The first time I wore one of those outfits I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Walking through the university campus felt like a scene from a movie where a character gets a makeover and suddenly the whole world reacts to him differently.

I could actually see women checking me out!

But the real mind blowing moment was just about to come…

The One Who ALMOST Got Away

As any desperate enough guy can tell you, developing “crushes” on beautiful women doesn’t take long when you hadn’t had any in a long while (or in my case, ever).

For me, that crush was on the hottest girl in our dorm – GOOD FREAKIN` JOB, BRAIN!

So when I was invited to a dorm party that I knew she would attend it didn’t take long for me to accept the offer.

I decided that I’ll be rocking one of the outfits that my friend picked out for me but I’ll be honest, despite having all sorts of NSFW fantasies about this girl as the party day got closer I didn’t really expect much.

I mean I was still pretty shy and very nerdy and she was… well, SHE.

So imagine my dumb-founded face, trying to figure what the hell is happening when the night of the party arrived and it was HER asking ME to go onto the dancefloor with her!

Is this some elaborate prank the whole dorm is playing on me?! If I say Yes, will everyone start laughing and shouting “oh my god, he actually fell for it. What an idiot Hahahaha!”

(Did I mention my low self-esteem at the time?)


I actually refused the first time but she persisted and after seeing her turn down other guys (I mean have you seen this girl?! Of course there were other guys trying to get into her pants!), I gave in and went to dance with her.

You should’ve seen my goofy face!

I promise you, at that moment I felt like the happiest man in the world!

We ended up making out that night and… that’s about it. For the time being.


When you go from being looked-through and ignored by women despite how hard you try to having one of the most attractive women you’ve ever met show the initiative, take the first step and even persist to get with you.

Well, let’s just say its one of those moments when your brain starts re-thinking your whole life.

And you know what the difference was between that night and all the other nights that happened before it?

No, it was not some elaborate NLP routine or new kino technique.

I simply changed my image, how I dressed, how I presented myself to the world.

After that night understanding image, style became a passion for me, almost an obsession.

I wanted to learn and understand how something as simple as the clothes we wear can so tremendously affect the way we are seen and perceived by others, the way we are treated.

Turns Out It’s Not As Easy As It Looks

But deciding to learn everything I could about men’s image, especially in the context of meeting and dating women turned out to be not as easy as it looked when my fashion designer friend told me what clothes to wear...

I started looking online and encountered my first problem – no one was actually teaching guys how to look attractive.

Sure there were men’s fashion blogs and websites but most of them looked like they were written by and for men, who are “married with children” looking for how to pull off a pair of khakis.

I mean how could I take seriously advice on how to dress to meet and look attractive to women from someone, who hasn’t been in field for years?

And then there were the “how to get girls” websites and forums.

For the most part, they avoided the topic of how to dress and in most cases resorted to the generic “just buy a fitting shirt and a blazer and you’re fine”.

(Spoiler alert: BULLSHIT!)

So my “brilliant” plan was to look for bits and pieces of advice that both men’s fashion experts and dating experts agreed on and experiment with that advice.

This was a slow and tedious process. I wasted so much time and money looking for clothes that turned out to be butt-ugly, ill-fitting and sometimes straight up unwearable.

I mean I knew that I wanted to look so much more attractive, I could see other attractive men dressing sexy (usually with a gorgeous woman around their arm) and yet when I tried to copy them, do what they were doing I would always end up falling short.

I would stare into the mirror in defeat and wonder “why can they do it and I can’t? Am I destined to be the ugly nerdy guy forever?”

We Are Men And We Don’t Give Up

If life was a movie this would be the point where some larger than life character would walk into my life and taught me straight.

Too bad this wasn’t the case.

Instead, what followed was nearly a decade of trial and error, experimenting in the real world and seeing how different women would react to my image.

If all the self-development books I’ve read over the years taught me one thing, it’s definitely that as a man you don’t give up when things get tough. You stand up, dust off, stop bitching and go after your goal again.

If you want to be an attractive man, you do what you have to do to get there.

Here you can see just a small fraction of all the looks I tried over the years: some of them worked brilliantly and qualified as my “I’m Getting Laid Tonight” outfits and others failed miserably and could probably classify as a form of contraception (cater to guess which ones are which?)

Oh, and remember that girl I had the massive crush in university?

We actually met up several years later and you can see the outfit that finally sealed the deal in the bottom left corner.

I’m Here To Help You Get Here Too

About three years ago, after reading yet another forum thread asking for advice on how to dress for nights out and seeing half a dozen replies with advice that if implemented would ruin that poor bastards night, I finally decided that it’s time to create a place for guys, who want to learn to dress sexy when meeting women.

Not job interviews, not impressing your aunts and uncles at a family re-union, not impressing some fashion snobs. No!

Dressing specifically for spiking your sex appeal, for looking your most attractive self and doing so in a genuine way based on your personality, body type, lifestyle and the type of women you’re attracted to the most.

This is how Sexy Style for Joe was born.

Shortly after, I started offering guys like you and I personal style consultations. Turns out the strategies that I used worked just as well for others and in some cases even better.

I quickly got so confident in my ability to help guys get better results with women by improving their image that I started offering a guarantee that no one else had the balls to do:


The problem was that working personally with someone is a very time consuming endeavor and in turn includes an appropriate price tag. Something a lot of the guys reading SSfJ couldn’t afford.

So the next step was to systematize everything I learned about image, about men’s style and clothes and create a course for dressing sexy like nothing you’ve ever seen before!

Eleven months later “The Wow! Factor” course was born with the sole goal of taking you by hand and helping you start dressing sexy. To become the sexiest, most attractive version of yourself.

And yes,

I know, I know, if something sounds too good to be true it probably is.

So let me shut up for a moment and let guys who walked down this road before you share their experiences:

Now even girls with boyfriends can't take their eyes off of me. I keep getting compliments from hot girls of how sexy I am and now the girls are "gaming" me to try to get in bed with me.

“When I first started out with improving my style, my style was quite below average. I looked a lot of places for help and a lot of those places had solid advice and help but they didn't quite do it for me. Only a few girls would look at me twice. Then I stumbled upon Darius and his sexystyleforjoe and without knowing it, I had found the key that would change my life. Now even girls with boyfriends can't take their eyes off of me. I keep getting compliments from hot girls of how sexy I am and now the girls are "gaming" me to try to get in bed with me. At first this was mind blowing for me, I used to think that you should need super good game to try and convince girls to even give you a chance, and now some of these girls use the same kinds of tricks on me to get me in bed. There was even this one girl at a party that walked up to me and told me to follow her outside. She pulled me to another building and told me she wanted to fuck me right now (I didn't even know the girl). Let me tell you, looking sexy is definitely worth the effort! It will be tough at first, but you will quickly see results. Beside girls there are a few other perks of looking great. You get free stuff from people, my grades went up (even though I spend less time on school) and new people are a lot friendlier towards you.” - Henrik

Ever since I've upgraded my style, I've gotten more looks from girls, and girls are more warm to my approaches. I've also gotten some compliments on my shoes and outfits. That definitely made my day.

"I'm glad I discovered Darius' blog more than a year ago. I never would have looked into style because I was subscribed to the idea that the PUA was pushing - looks didn't matter.

Somehow with that idea in mind, my dating life still wasn't where I wanted it to be.

After reading articles on Sexy Style for Joe's blog, I realized that style really does play an important role in the dating world. No matter how you logically think that aesthetics don't matter, your subconscious reacts differently.

And thus begun my journey on improving my style.

I like that Darius has categorized outfits into a few different categories. If you want things to be simple, all you need to do is choose a category that you would like to be in, buy everything that's recommended in that category, and your style would be day and night.

This course is great because it's like a great reference guide on what to pair with what. There was a few times when I was in the dressing room, trying to make up my mind on what I should buy, and all I had to do was look it up in the PDF according to the outfit category that I was going for.

These days, I'm feeling more confident with what I'm wearing based on what I've learned from the course, and also from the blog.

When I see another guy that has a great outfit, I can breakdown what it is that's actually making the outfit work.

Ever since I've upgraded my style, I've gotten more looks from girls, and girls are more warm to my approaches. I've also gotten some compliments on my shoes and outfits. That definitely made my day.

Oh, and last but not least, having access to a private FB group is great because you can learn from each other and get feedback. You also get recommendations on good places to buy new outfits. " - Tyler

I know what to wear pretty much everyday now, I know what style suits my current situation best, hell, I even know what style I will transition to in a few years when I graduate from university.

"Holy shit. I went into this course thinking I had ok fashion and was just looking through the course for fun and because I find the subject interesting. No. Reading it made me realize how much I didn’t know before, but it also taught me exactly what I had to do. I know what to wear pretty much everyday now, I know what style suits my current situation best, hell, I even know what style I will transition to in a few years when I graduate from university. This course is very thorough. If you have no idea how to dress yourself, after going through the material (and then implementing it, i.e. getting a new wardrobe) you’ll be better dressed than almost any man you’ll meet. If you dress reasonably well, you’ll still learn how to coordinate and create outfits and a specific style that will take what you already have and bring it to the next level, as well as point out any mistakes you might have been doing. I was more on the end of not really knowing what to wear, but now I know exactly what to wear for a day at school or night out. Also, when out shopping, I will know exactly what to look for to suit my image and lifestyle. All in all, I would highly recommend checking this course out! "


After I implemented Darius's advice, girls kept complimenting me on my fashion sense and my dating life improved.

"There are many men's fashion resources out there, but if you want to learn how to construct sexual and exciting looks that will get you checked out by that cute girl on the subway, you want to try this course. When I started out trying to improve my style, I was making many mistakes in execution and my outfits were too "nice". After I implemented Darius's advice, girls kept complimenting me on my fashion sense and my dating life improved. This is hands down the most comprehensive and effective course on learning how to dress sexy!"




A Course In Head Turning, Panties-Dropping, Personalized Men's Style For Dating And Meeting Women

This is THE course to take, if you want to present the most attractive version of yourself to the world, and attract the beautiful women you see out there.

In a nut shell the Wow! Factor is…

A step-by-step process to find the style image that suits your personality, goals, and lifestyle, and attracts your type of women best, along with guides meant to give you a solid understanding of fashion fundamentals. It thoroughly answers the question, “How should I dress?”

Since the Wow! Factor is extensive, let’s examine the major points of what you’ll be getting:

  • A process to discover your perfect image type. Each image has sex appeal, but differ in the qualities they communicate, and the audience they attract. We use exercises designed to accurately identify the image that suits and satisfies your personality best, in order to work for you in terms of achieving your goals and to attract your type of people into your life, especially sexy women.

  • Detailed guides covering your perfect image. 5 extensive guides covering the 5 major image archetypes, including all the necessary items to make up a full wardrobe for every season, suggested cool additions to add in later, and EPIC items that take your sexy look into the sphere of a style icon. You’ll also be given the tools to get creative with your looks, so you can expand on these images if you so desire.

  • A SOLID foundational understanding of sexy style. Color psychology, perfect fit, and a purchasing guide are just a few ways to help you select the best items, to make these looks the way they were intended to be. This way you can make decisions on your own, out there in the vast world of department stores and boutiques. You’ll also have access to personal feedback from myself, and an active private group of guys both experienced and learning just like you.

And although the content is deep and effective, the process is easy, with its simple exercises and steps, and detailed guides going into specifics.

The course is hosted via teachable, which means that it’s easy to navigate and revisit later, easy to use on a phone anywhere you are or you can download the lessons in PDF format to your laptop, phone or tablet.

And remember, you’ll also have access to feedback from myself personally, as well as being part of a whole group dedicated to guys who aim to dress their sexiest with high ambition.

Now that we’ve got a general idea of the course, it’s time to be specific about the main aspect of this course – lets look at the archetypes.

The Wow! Factor dissects 5 major image archetypes, hand picked styles that are most attractive for a man. These are the Edgy, Elegant - Edgy, Smart - Casual, Rugged - Masculine, and Sharp images. Each of these images satisfy different personality types, communicates different things to other people, and attract different types of women.

The Edgy Image

“Inappropriate…” “Parental Advisory…” Better suited for the reckless urban denizen, the rebellious wildfire youths, the carefree spirits of the night. Don’t give a F*^& could be the man’s mantra, but more accurate is that he goes to the beat of his own drum. As for women, he attracts the fun, wild, and sexually un-bashful types, because they can see he is just like them. ;)

Elegant - Edgy

For the man who likes to be bad and classy at the same time. The “good” life, the social, high status world is his play ground. He’s a rebel within the normally proper confines, and looks damn good. Hard to pin down, a bit mysterious, exciting, open minded, sexy. His women are sexy and elegant, just like him. You both enjoy the benefits of being bad in that classy way.

Smart - Casual

Also know as the sophisticated intellectual that actually has a penis, and is not afraid to use it. He’s a go getter, mature, and appreciates the finer things in life– but he’s also laid back and doesn’t take himself too seriously, partly because he’s got it handled. His women are feminine, dress well, and a bit reserved, although certainly playful when he’s around, which complements the Smart - Casual man perfectly.

Rugged - Masculine

A man who is pure man. In his free time, he’s the type who finds himself in the great outdoors, or building something, or, or maybe all that at once. A straight shooter, and gets his hands dirty to get the job done. His women are submissive and love his dominance.

The Sharp image

This is for the man who is driven, knows what he wants and goes after it, and the Sharp image communicates all these things naturally. It’s an image of flawless execution that is classy, high status, and professional, all while maintaining sex appeal. His dance the fine line of sexy and elegant with dresses and high heels, subtle and graceful.

So I hope that paints a picture of the course for you, but to leave no stone unturned…

Here is a deeper look, let’s walk through the course flow.


  • You will learn how the first impression can make or break your interactions with women and how you can leverage the right first impression to your advantage.

  • You will overcome any doubts and self-limiting beliefs that stop you from dressing sexy and being an attractive man.

  • You will identify and get rid of the clothes, that are KILLING your sex appeal and any chances of looking attractive, with a wardrobe intervention.

Next we’ll dive into style fundamentals,

  • You will learn which color can make you look more trustworthy, which one can make you up to 15% more attractive, and which one can make you look sickly and weak (you should probably avoid it…), as well as learn how to coordinate colors in an outfit.

  • You will also learn which colors suit you best, based on your skin color and complexion.

  • You’ll finally understand what clothes communicate about you: which clothes make you look masculine, feminine, nice, sexual, classy or dressy.

  • And you’ll also learn what to look for when buying specific clothes and how to avoid mediocre purchases.

But next comes the most important part, you will finally and confidently be able to answer the dreaded question of “How should I dress?” because you’ll know what the right image is for you, your personality, and your lifestyle that attracts your type of women.

The wardrobe guides in Module Three will blow your mind. Seriously…

Page screenshort from the Elegant - Edgy wardrobe guide

For every image archetype, we have prepared a list of clothes that you can get to rock it and hundreds of great looking outfits to choose from.

More than that, each guide will also show you how to modify those wardrobes based on your physique (to look taller, leaner or more muscular), based on where you spend most of your time, and your age

But hey, no one wants to be some stereotype, so you’ll also learn how you can mix different images to create a unique image for yourself that makes you intriguing and mysterious because you’re not like the rest

Once we get closer to the finish line, you’ll learn how to find EPIC clothes (and what EPIC clothes mean) and how they can help you steal the show and leave those other gents in the background

I will also show you how to get your own “I’m getting laid tonight!” look and how to make shopping so much easier and faster

And even this doesn’t cover everything you will learn in The Wow! Factor… But the point is, and I’ll say it again, this is THE course to take, if you want to present the most attractive version of yourself to the world, and attract the beautiful women you see out there.

And to remind you, you’ll have help right at your finger tips, with a group of fashion experienced men, as well as students just like you, to give feedback and pointers along your journey. Not to mention I’ll be right there too.

So all in all,

I’m making it very hard for you NOT to dress amazing.

You can see the full course curriculum here (and I'm so confident that you will absolutely love this super course that I made some of the lessons available for preview, free of charge!)


Changing something as simple and seemingly mundane as the clothes I wear has had an incredible effect on my life. People give me much more respect than ever, beautiful women come up to me in the streets, compliment me on my style and engage me in conversation, all leading to a constant upward spiraling of my confidence.

"I generally tend to be an over-analyzer when it comes to pretty much all things in my life: University work, fitness, playing musical instruments, meeting and dating women, picking out presents for various family members, and yes, also having an attractive style.

This is why over the last few years I have focused on finding the one or two resources in each field that covers that particular topic as a whole – without needing to resort to countless of different sources and getting overwhelmed in the process – or worse, not finding the relevant information at all.

In terms of style and dressing attractively, the “Wow-Factor” is that one resource now. Anyone who has read his first book “Nerdy to Sexy” knows that Darius has a knack for explaining things with just enough detail, with just enough depth, yet without overwhelming his readers and deviating into unnecessary stuff. I consider myself a skeptical customer - especially when the price gets closer to 100 bucks – but this course is worth every single penny. I’m very happy about the lifetime access because I know I’ll be checking the “Wow-Factor” for years (or decades?) to come.

Changing something as simple and seemingly mundane as the clothes I wear has had an incredible effect on my life. People give me much more respect than ever, beautiful women come up to me in the streets, compliment me on my style and engage me in conversation, all leading to a constant upward spiraling of my confidence. If you haven’t yet worked on your style, you may be forgiven, but now is the time to take action. Let this course is your friend, your companion and – pardon my language – also a slight kick in your ass to really get this part of your life handled."


Upon completion of the course I was left highly satisfied and some of Darius’ personal comments provide encouragement that you are now equipped to begin your style journey on your own.

"The course itself provides a wealth of knowledge with the introduction providing some of Darius’ personal experiences that he encountered himself.

Course sections such as module 1 analyse the most common obstacles that may prevent you from building your ideal image. The first module also includes action when it comes to discarding old clothes enabling you to create your new ideal image.

Module 2 enables those who are new to learn colour combinations, contrast and clothing fit however unlike most men’s fashion the course is tailored on how to maximise your appeal to women via these basic foundations. In addition module 2 provides details on 5 archetypes that are included in SSFJ, with each archetype there questions which allow you to more easily identify the archetype that appeals to you most. These questions include ideal type and life goals.

Module 3 is provides a more detailed breakdown of the style archetypes and what type of clothing to purchase. This particular module addresses your physique, climate and weather, venues and environment. For example in the Sharp category Darius provides some good advice regarding venues for example how to execute the Sharp image during University.

Module 4 includes advice on how to begin creating a more personal brand once the foundations have been laid. The module also includes how to incorporate more daring piece successfully and the most optimal way to purchase clothing when improving your image.

Module 4 also includes how to access further resources exclusive to those who have purchased the course such as a private group where you are able to gain access to help from others if you have any personal questions.

Upon completion of the course I was left highly satisfied and some of Darius’ personal comments provide encouragement that you are now equipped to begin your style journey on your own. Darius’ concluding comments provide inspiration on how you are able to improve other areas of your life, not just clothing.

As Darius’ first official product I was highly satisfied with the content for the price paid, I hope that Darius continues to produce more excellent products in the future.

I wish Darius all the best in future endeavours"


Now I walk with confidence knowing that my clothes actually communicate the qualities I desire, the style is congruent with my personality, and I notice cute women checking me out all the time.

"It’s funny, because looking back I was confident in my style know-how. Even though I wasn’t dressing the way I wanted, I thought I knew exactly why I wasn’t happy with myself in the mirror. “I don’t have enough money, my muscles are too small, and my city doesn’t have the right stores.” Also I didn’t know exactly what style to go for, so I stuck with my usual - simple and comfortable. Even though I was (over) confident in my understanding of fashion, I was frustrated. I would go out looking for clothes, and either find nothing, or find something mediocre that almost hurt to purchase… I would always keep the receipt, because half the time I’d return it days later. I genuinely liked fashion, but back then I would look at people who dressed well, and would feel insecure, totally clueless that I was looking at it all wrong. Again, I didn’t think I was doing anything wrong, I just thought it was a matter of circumstance.

The drastic realization began when I found myself looking through the Wow! Factor. It sounds a little ridiculous, but I actually felt like my brain was getting an upgrade. I suddenly, yes quickly, could see how I was shooting myself in the foot, and the deeper roots of my fashion woes. I was totally ignorant of important fundamentals of style, that interestingly are never discussed. Haven’t seen this type of advice anywhere else, yet it seems so basic and vital! I now know what style suits my personality, and how to put together outfits accurately to make a solid image that works for me. So of course I was messing up when I didn’t know these things! Now I walk with confidence knowing that my clothes actually communicate the qualities I desire, the style is congruent with my personality, and I notice cute women checking me out all the time. Thank you Darius!"


What’s At Stake Here, Really?

The price for the course is 97$ and it goes without saying that if you’re less than 100% happy with the course, you’ll have 30 days to claim a full refund, no questions asked.

But that 97$ is barely a scratch if you consider what’s at stake here.

Look at your wardrobe and consider how much money you actually spent on it: hundreds? Thousands? More?

Now consider what results you’ve been getting so far – are you happy with the quality of women that find you attractive before you even get a chance to talk? Can you remember the last time a gorgeous woman gave you a compliment? Heck, can you remember the last time you’ve been with a gorgeous woman?

Let me guess, the answer is “waaaaaayyyy too long ago...”

So then all that money you spent on the clothes you currently own is more or less wasted, isn’t it? I mean, sure, you need something to wear and it keeps you warm but are they really worth all that money if that’s all you get?

With that in mind, it really doesn’t take a financial genius to figure out that one payment of just 97$ to never waste money on ugly, useless clothes again is quite a damn bargain.

But that’s not what’s actually on the line, now is it?

Tell me,

When you look into the mirror, do you see an attractive, sexy man? Do you see a man that can actually get the type of women you spend fantasizing before falling asleep?

Or do you see a man who needs luck and cheap tricks & techniques to fool beautiful women into even talking to him for more than 5 minutes?

What you’ll learn in The Wow! Factor is so much more than just how to dress, it’s about developing your self-respect as an attractive man, it’s about getting comfortable in who you are as a person and learn how to present this genuine side of you in an attractive, even sexy, light.

So that the next time you’re getting ready to head out to a bar, club or to meet that cute girl on a date you’ll know that you’re holding all the cards, because truly attractive, sexy men, who don’t need gimmicks and trickery, are a rare commodity.


Your Instructor

Darius Belejevas
Darius Belejevas

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I get stuck or have questions?
Each lesson has a dedicated section for asking questions, so you'll never be left to fend off for yourself if something's not clear. More than that, in the course you will also find details how you can join our secret Facebook group if you'd like to get personal feedback on specific outfits or items.
But I'm short/tall/skinny/chubby - will this course work for me?
Yes, each wardrobe guide (Module Three) has a dedicated section to show you how you can make the most out of your physique even if you don't look like a male model.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

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